Chanel Cruise 2019

Long time no write about fashion. You know dear, I’m so busy and didn’t really have time. But everyone knows I love it, really love it. And I want to share here now.
This is a crazy look I like 


First, I think my favorite brand, Chanel is a good opener. I watch on Youtube and they opened really amazing, cruise ship with a big background. I think is crazy because the theme is about “femininity” * wrote that* but I really love all, decoration, place, and what the model wear.

And this show has a difference. No heels here, every model wears shoes. Shoes dear, sneakers to be exact. Wow. Don’t parse the elegance of the clothes, still feminine but strong and I love the colors. Blue, navy, white, black, and not many colors here but still look interesting to me.

Not much time to talk, let’s see the collection. I’m not uploading all because are so many so I choose some that I like. This is a Chanel 2019. 
Love love love 


My Favorite





Vary simple
















Photo by Vouge 
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Silvia 😘

One thought on “Chanel Cruise 2019

  1. There's definitely 90s touch in the pattern. Tapi kayaknya saya tetep cinta sama koleksi klasik chanel yang structured (blazer, aku padamuuuu)

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